Neighbourhood Matters Survey

Top priorities for West Mercia Police are keeping our communities safe, providing you with reassurance and making sure that we understand your local community issues so that we can prevent and detect crime. This short survey is vital in helping us to do this so we would be grateful if you could spend just a few minutes completing it.

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Section One: Identifying your priorities

What is the main issue that you think the police and partners should be addressing in this neighbourhood? By neighbourhood we mean within a 10 - 15 minute walk from here / 5 minute drive. 

WHAT exactly is the issue? (Select all those that apply)
Please share with us any other issues that are not listed above:
WHERE exactly is it happening? (e.g. street name or landmark (e.g. outside the Queen's Head Public House)) If you've selected more than one option please indicate where each issue takes place.
WHEN exactly does it happen? (e.g. between 4-8pm) and days)) If you've selected more than one option please indicate the time(s) or day(s) each issue occurs.
Do you have any other details? (e.g. details of offender or vehicle involved) If you've selected more than one option please share any other details for each issue.

Section Two: Feelings of safety

When thinking about carrying out your day-to-day activities in this neighbourhood:

How safe or unsafe do you feel during daylight hours?
How safe or unsafe do you feel when it's dark?
Please use the space below to share with us any additional comments you may have or to explain your answers further:

Section Three: About you

We just have a few questions about yourself. The information you give will enable us to look at differences in opinion between groups of people. These questions are voluntary - you do not have to answer them.

Please tell us your gender:
Please tell us your age:
Do you consider yourself to have a disability:
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Thank you for completing this survey. Safer Neighbourhood Teams will communicate the results of these surveys through Neighbourhood Matters. Not signed up? You can join by clicking on this link: